A review of Passage to Wonderland

  • Cody Gateway, near Yellowstone, Wyoming, 1903 .

    Joseph Stimson/University Press of Colorado
  • Cody Gateway, near Yellowstone, Wyoming, 2008 .

    Michael Amundson/University Press of Colorado

Passage to Wonderland.
Michael A. Amundson,
208 pages, hardcover: $35.
University Press of Colorado, 2012.

In 1903, photographer Joseph Stimson rode in a horse-drawn buggy along a new 50-mile route leading from Cody, Wyo., to the east entrance of Yellowstone National Park. He stopped periodically to take pictures for a display at the 1904 World's Fair. In 2007, author Michael Amundson, a professor of history at Northern Arizona University, traveled the same route -- now a paved highway -- and rephotographed this scenic landscape. In Passage to Wonderland, Amundson's color photos are paired with Stimson's black-and-white prints, documenting the changes -- both drastic and subtle -- that a century has brought to the eastern edge of America's first national park.


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