Lessons from Washington State


Your recent placement of Washington's Chelan County in Oregon could be construed as a benefit in disguise (HCN, 2/4/2013, "Love Wins"). How so? Judging from the polls, Oregon has a very good chance of passing a same-sex marriage ballot measure in 2014 or 2016. We of the critical mass of supporters who desire an equivalent of Washington's Referendum 74 to be passed into Oregon law are a bit envious of what a very organized, determined and sufficiently funded group of proponents accomplished in Washington. Obviously, that effort needs to be replicated in Oregon if we are to realize the same result.

Bringing Chelan County to Oregon and, may I suggest, placing it in the easily accommodating space of our largest county, Harney, can only help. Such action could provide just the vitalizing spark needed to get Oregon on track for approving same-sex marriage in the next election.

Karl Hartzell
Corvallis, Oregon

Editor's note: The photo caption that ran with "Love Wins" referred to Chelan County, Oregon. It should have said "Washington," as the essay itself so clearly did.

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