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Book review: The Wild Wyoming Range


The Wild Wyoming Range
Edited by Ronald H. Chilcote and Susan Marsh.
120 pages,
hardcover: $35.
Laguna Wilderness Press, 2012.

Eastern Wyoming travelers speeding toward the jagged spires of the Tetons or the Wind River Range might overlook a more gentle silhouette rising from the sagebrush. "Until recently the Wyoming Range has been known less for spectacular scenery than for what it has provided to the local economy," writes editor Susan Marsh in The Wild Wyoming Range. Now, the Wyoming Range Legacy Act protects the southern tail of the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem from oil and gas development. An ex-sheepherder, a local outfitter and others in awe of the place contribute their voices to the book, while flyover photography of generous valleys, close-ups of wildflowers and portraits of range residents like pronghorn and sage grouse reveal these little-known mountains.