No more 'social studies'


I am a Colorado rancher. I subscribe to HCN for the responsible research and reporting its contributors provide on environmental issues affecting the West. (The Dec. 24 feature on energy development in British Columbia is a perfect recent example.) While there is a decidedly liberal view evident in much of what HCN produces, I support that right and continue to read its content. However, in the Feb. 4 issue, I don't view Jonathan Thompson's guns article, awash in innuendo and short on fact, as responsible journalism; nor the gay-marriage article as necessary to take up space when other important issues of our environment go begging to be understood. Through our divisive, daily, mainstream media, we are besieged enough with the latest Great American Topic Du Jour. HCN should stay on course to provide a focused environmental awareness message to its readers, even conservatives like myself.

Ed Carpenter
Parker, Colorado

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