Book review: Quilts: California Bound, California Made 1840-1940

  • Detail from the "More Family Quilt", embroidered by the five young More siblings as a Christmas gift for their grandmother in Oakland, 1893.

    Courtesy of Sandi Fox

Quilts: California Bound, California Made 1840-1940.
Sandi Fox
208 pages, softcover:
University of Oklahoma Press, 2013.

Quilts are cherished both for their warmth and for the memories they hold, so it makes sense that they were among the sparse belongings early immigrants brought with them by horse, wagon, ship or train to California. In Quilts: California Bound, California Made 1840-1940, curator and scholar Sandi Fox pairs full-page color images of quilts with historical narrative, excerpts from diaries, period photos and illustrations to elaborate on the stories told by each quilt's stitches. The result is both a window into the lives of early Californians, and a colorful tribute to this resourceful art form.

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