It's time to get all the lead out


Kudos to the California Legislature for doing the obvious, and banning lead bullets for hunting ("The Latest: Lead bullets," HCN, 11/11/13). Here's hoping other states will soon follow suit, NRA paranoia notwithstanding. It's worth noting that only one Republican legislator voted for the bill on either the Senate or Assembly floor. Shouldn't environmental protection be a bipartisan issue?

It is not only the condors that are impacted by lead bullets. Secondary poisoning of scavengers is problematic for animals such as vultures, eagles, ravens, magpies, badgers, coyotes, foxes and others. There should be a nationwide ban on lead for all hunting – and fishing tackle, too. Thousands of waterfowl – swans, loons, cormorants, diving ducks – annually are sickened and die after ingesting lost lead fishing weights.

Eric Mills
Coordinator, Action for Animals
Oakland, California

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