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Know the West

Witness to the floods



As a working geologist, I am used to assessing the land, considering the flow of fluid and mass. However, it is one thing to see it after the fact in a rocky outcrop or rolling topography, and quite another to experience it firsthand ("The flood-prone Front Range," HCN, 10/14/13). I was camping that fateful week the Front Range flooded in and around the Indian Peaks Wilderness Area. I went through Jamestown a scant seven hours before it was devastated. It was fortunate that my camping buddies and I bugged out before the final road "out of Dodge" closed. Our campsite was adjacent to the rapidly rising St. Vrain River. The real issue is not whether or not floods like this happen, it is what do "we" do as a matter of public policy? This article did a fine job of illustrating the complexity of developing proper, well-thought-out public policy ahead of and in response to these historic events. As always, HCN provides a well-reasoned reporting of events.

J. Cook
Overland Park, Kansas