Beyond the bright lights



It's hard to believe but, somehow, whenever I read about Native Americans and casinos in High Country News, I always hear only about the statistics citing the amazing financial boon created by these tributes to modern-day Babylon ("Whose Apache Homelands?" HCN, 10/14/13). Never do I hear but a passing reference to the damage inflicted on individual lives, and I have certainly not heard any studies mentioned. M. John Fayhee's story seemed to be an endorsement of an obscure splinter of the Apache tribe looking to build another casino in country that is already well saturated. While it's interesting history for sure, I would have dropped the story at the point at which the author couldn't reach the prime source except through something called "Agenda Global." Are you kidding? Does that sound like someone looking to re-establish traditional ways?

Ron Pease
Aztec, New Mexico

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