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See you in October


As we do four times a year, High Country News is skipping an issue. We'll be back in your mailbox around Oct. 14. In the meantime, keep up with us at hcn.org, and eat as many homegrown tomatoes as you can; they won't last forever.

Summer visitors
Longtime subscriber Brian Jatlin came by our Paonia, Colo., headquarters to say hello; he was in town just long enough to seek out some of the valley's famous peaches while en route to nearby Marcellina Mountain. The Fort Collins, Colo., native and self-described "bird nerd" has been a ranger at Grand Canyon for the past 11 years; he once mentored current editorial fellow Sarah Keller on a hawk-watching project there.

As part of a five-state road trip to visit family and friends, subscribers Theresa Taggart and Michael O'Connell of Taos, N.M., spent a night in Paonia and came to the office chock-full of questions, story ideas and enthusiasm. Having moved to the Southwest from Seattle seven years ago, Theresa and Michael say they particularly enjoy stories about water resources and politics.

They may live in Hogansville, Ga., but Dennis and Dana Austin's hearts will forever be in the West. The couple lived off the grid in Alaska in the '80s and regularly undertake "marathon road trips" all over the West, including the one that brought them back to Paonia, more than 20 years after their first visit. At first, the road trips were a way to find the perfect Western town to call home, but after family obligations called them back to Georgia, they decided to maintain their connection to the region by reading HCN.