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A review of Landscape Dreams, A New Mexico portrait


Landscape Dreams, A New Mexico portrait
photographs by Craig Varjabedian, essays by Marin Sardy, Jeanetta Calhoun Mish and Hampton Sides,
140 pages, hardcover:
University of New Mexico Press, 2012.

Contemporary landscape photography often looks too pristine and over-saturated to feel authentic. But Craig Varjabedian's monochromatic images of New Mexico transcend that. In place of eye-popping color, Varjabedian channels the spirit of Ansel Adams, using clean lines and stark tones to capture the surreal, desolate beauty of the Southwest in classic black-and-white. The photographs in Landscape Dreams span three decades, accompanied by essays that give voice to the images and reveal the allure of the region's varied physical and cultural landscapes. Together, the words and images leave a dreamlike impression that lingers long after you put the book down.