Big eyesore on the prairie


The plain fact regarding wind farms is that they are terrible in and for the environment ("Haywired," HCN, 5/27/13). One day, on a beautiful plateau or prairie, there are small and large game, wild birds of all types and little human interference. The next day, there are large white windmills, roads, fences, people, pickup trucks, neatly groomed pasture, and all the game is gone. A complete disaster.

Then I see that one oil well, with one road and one human that checks it daily -- comparatively speaking, far less human impact, in my opinion. And the really sad thing is that one oil well over its lifetime will produce more energy than that huge wind farm. I wish you city folk would come see the total destruction that your political correctness has caused out here in the country. Stand out in the middle of a wind farm and tell us country folk that it's an acceptable alternative to what we have now. The title of this article was more correct than I think the author intended.

Lynn Miller
Franktown, Colorado

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