Birds of a (red and blue) feather flock together


I fail to see the point of "Right-wing Migration" (HCN, 5/13/13). I read it looking for evidence of some illegal, fraudulent, immoral or even unexpected behavior and found none. The only "crime" I could discern was that Republicans voted for Republican candidates. Surprise, surprise. It is perfectly understandable that a resident of Southern California would want to emigrate, and it is perfectly understandable that he or she would retain their political leanings.

In 1971 and 1972, I attended graduate school in Chicago. When George McGovern lost the presidential election in a landslide, it came as a shock to most of my friends. All the people they talked to were voting for McGovern. How could he lose? Liberals are just as guilty of cultural isolation and groupthink as conservatives.

Ken Young
Petrolia, California

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