At the boiling point


Thanks for Matt Jenkins' article on the "water warrior" and the woes of interbasin water transfers that affect so many regions of Colorado and the West (HCN, 3/19/12, "Water Warrior").

It is also time to think about how we are boiling our water away in order to create electricity in the steam-generating plants that dominate our current electric grid -- mostly coal, some nuclear, some combined cycle natural gas plants. In Pueblo, Colo., Xcel Energy's three large coal plants typically consume over 10 million gallons of water a day from the Arkansas River. The electricity is sent to Denver and its suburbs. This water usage dwarfs all other treated water users in Pueblo.

With the wind blowing briskly and the sun shining brightly many days, it is past time to quit boiling off the substance that is essential for life and find our way into the post-fossil fuel and the post-steam generating era!

Leslie Glustrom
Boulder, Colorado

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