Goliath vs. Goliath


Your story "Anatomy of a conspiracy theory" suggests that opposition to zoning, planning and conservation as a U.N.-sponsored sovereignty grab is genuinely grassroots (HCN, 2/6/12).

We can just as easily see this opposition to regulation as corporate pushback, motivated and underwritten by the energy industry and large agricultural interests. What's still missing is a documented money trail, as well as a propaganda trail in the form of industry-produced talking points. Which foundations or think tanks are spearheading the current Agender movement, and serving as conduits for industry money?

I applaud HCN's steady coverage of citizens and local groups fighting to enforce anti-pollution laws or enact sensible zoning. Even so, we would be wise to realize that we have a Goliath in the fight too, ours being the same federal government that created the National Park Service, Medicare, Social Security, the Clean Water Act and Endangered Species Act. The other Goliath, of course, is the corporate money recently set free to undermine our democracy, public and environmental health, and public-lands system in myriad ways by the Supreme Court's 2010 Citizens United ruling.

Chris Norden
Moscow, Idaho

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