The error of the well-intentioned


Thank you for the billboard and "untrammeled" wilderness articles (HCN, 1/23/12, "The law, the lookout and the logging town" & "Billboard vs. Democracy"). Boycotting Utah and/or monkey-wrenching seem like the only viable options for correcting these corporate billboard crimes. Wilderness Watch, by contrast, is well intentioned, but apparently ignorant of the harm it's doing. Wilderness Watch has equally counterproductive campaigns going against a historic desperado's cabin deep in California's Mokelumne Wilderness, where I was a wilderness ranger, and against horse packers here in the Northeast Cascades' Pasayten Wilderness. I dropped my membership in Wilderness Watch, as a boycott of sorts, and suggest others do likewise, until it sees the error of its simple-minded ways.   

Eric Burr
Mazama, Washington

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