You get what you pay for


I have farmed vegetables for the past couple years and know that weeds are a challenge and profit margins are usually tight. But I do not currently support GMOs ("Weed wars," HCN, 11/26/12). I believe in the benefits of crop rotations and trying to outsmart weeds rather than soak them in chemicals. I was really hoping for California to lead the way in labeling GMO foods, which would have drastically cut back on the amount of GMO crops grown. But we lost that fight to the big corporations and their campaigns of miseducation. It feels like a David vs. Goliath situation, with the USDA and EPA (and Obama) on the side of Goliath. The only solution I see is for individuals to buy organically or naturally grown foods and get to know their local farmers. It's the best solution I see, for consumers, for the environment, and for farmers. It's OK to pay a little more for your food -- you get what you pay for!

Dan Roper
Ashland, Oregon

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