Atlas of Yellowstone

  • A visual timeline of climbers’ first ascents of peaks in the Teton Range, ranging from 1872 to 1934.

    University of Oregon, Atlas of Yellowstone. University of California Press
  • Detail from a map of earthquakes.


Atlas of Yellowstone
W. Andrew Marcus, James E. Meacham, Ann W. Rodman and Alethea Y. Steingisser
274 pages, hardcover: $65
University of California Press, 2012.

The Atlas of Yellowstone details the Greater Yellowstone Area from A to Z. It goes beyond the region's iconic geysers, wildlife and vegetation, with charts and maps that cover subjects ranging from the park's economic impacts on surrounding populations to its scientific assets. The book includes Lewis and Clark's pioneering map sketches, as well as a colorful collection of present-day regional maps. This thoroughly researched volume is especially suited for academics and historians, but would be equally at home in the library of anyone who wants to research the depths of America's oldest national park.

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