Political pawns


Posted in response to Emily Guerin's blog "Grand Cacophony National Park?", at hcn.org, an expanded version of the snapshot "(Not so) quiet canyon," which ran in our 7/23/12 issue.

I was backcountry packing in the Grand Canyon in 2010 and subjected to relentless fixed-wing overflights echoing off the canyon walls (HCN, 7/23/12, "(Not so) quiet canyon"). The topography amplified the sound of this aircraft and the result was a ridiculous intrusion of noise into a very remote wilderness area. Sen. McCain is a little too "flexible" in the presence of money to be able to protect the interests of his own constituency -- most politicians are. Our electoral system is so prone to corruption that we get negative outcomes for most people most of the time. When do we get the corrupting influence of money out of our electoral system?

Charles Fox
Santa Fe, New Mexico

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