Spiritual Superfund sites


I have read many stories about villains without redeeming values, but never have I read one that made me want to wash my hands -- no, endure a thorough toxic-chemical decontamination procedure -- until slogging through the FLDS article. I often had to stop and shake my head to cast out the demons of the cult. The photos of Warren Jeffs with that poor girl are as disturbing as images of warfare, and the tale of the rape tape only amplified my disgust. And that was just on the first page.

I'm a live-and-let-live kind of guy, but this is in no way a matter of freedom of religion. The failure to act by state and local officials equals conspiracy in my book. The malignant FLDS tumors in Utah, Arizona and Texas are spiritual Superfund sites that will take too many years and too much money to clean up. And the damage will never be completely undone.

Greg Kern
Silver Spring, Maryland

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