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Dueling Letters: Utah's Governor versus Black Diamond's CEO


In March 2012, Black Diamond CEO Peter Metcalf wrote an op-ed in the Salt Lake Tribune criticizing Utah Governor Gary Herbert for supporting legislation that would transfer ownership of federal public lands to the state of Utah and potentially open up protected wild lands to motorized recreation and energy developers. Soon after, the governor wrote a terse letter to Metcalf, challenging him for his antagonism and accusing him of having a "mindless ideological agenda."  Metcalf then responded with a letter of his own, in which he announced that he is quitting the governor's Ski and Snowboard Industry Working Group. Read the op-ed and the two letters here (click the magnifying glass at the bottom of each document to zoom in):

Peter Metcalf's March op-ed in the Salt Lake Tribune

Governor Gary Herbert's letter to Peter Metcalf

Peter Metcalf's response letter to Gary Herbert

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