Three cheers for Emily Green


You have done us all a great service by publishing a very important story about the oak woodland and the sediment dump (HCN, 5/14/12, “Los Angeles Against the Mountains”). I consider myself a member of the “environmental” community in Southern California, and I am an avid HCN reader. It is good to see a piece focused not only on Southern California, but zeroed in on the belly of the beast: Los Angeles.

Emily Green’s treatment of land use, policy, real estate development and population explosion as they relate to our ecology, climate, weather and mindset was truly enlightening. Of course, we’re talking about much more than a few acres of old oaks and sycamores. Green put real people, emotions, even motives into the story. I will point many people to this article, and for some of them it will be their first glimpse of HCN.

This story was all the buzz when the bulldozers were rollin’ in, but no one gave it the perspective you did more than a year later, explaining how we got 10 million people to fit at the base of erosive mountains, and where we go from here. Planners, advocates, thinkers, students of policy and the environment: Take heed of what’s going down in L.A. Stuff happens pretty fast out here.

Mike Evans
San Juan Capistrano, California

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