Move over, Ed Abbey


Craig Childs is a treasure, and his essay in the last issue is but another jewel (HCN, 12/26/11 & 1/09/12, "Stranger in these parts"). I have been enjoying his words for a decade and have now come to realize that he is my favorite Southwestern writer since Ed Abbey. I think that Ed, whom I spent a day with a few years before he turned in his boots, would be OK with that.

Mike Pasqualetti
Tempe, Arizona

pat conlon
pat conlon
Jan 30, 2012 08:42 PM
Being s "stranger" in a small western town requires a sense of humor. I lived in one such town for 15 years, thinking I would be there the rest of my life. When acquaintances would tell me how long they had lived there, I would always respond as follows. When I die and they bury me over there in the local cemetery, me headstone will read "NOW I am a local".