Huntsman: not worthy


Obama should ditch Vice President Joe Biden for Jon Huntsman in the 2012 presidential campaign? It is hard to believe that High Country News would suggest such a move (HCN, 12/26/11 & 1/09/12, "A Westerner for the White House"). First of all, Huntsman resigned as ambassador to China to run against the president who appointed him to that position. Sounds more like another Joe Lieberman to me. He probably could not even carry his home state of Utah for Obama.

And then he is touted as an environmentalist. Just being better than the current group of Republican presidential candidates is not good enough. Backing rural Utah county governments in their never-ending battle to obtain control of RS 2477 "roads" on federal land is hardly a way to prevent off-roaders from illegally damaging Utah's desert and wilderness areas. Huntsman should be more than embarrassed for not understanding that turning the RS 2477 roads over to the counties is certain to cause great damage to federal lands. So is opposition to President Clinton's protection of roadless forest areas.

If Huntsman does not understand the environmental issues in his own state, he would hardly be much of a help for Obama and the country on a national level.

Robert R. Eidsmoe
Highlands Ranch, Colorado

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