Start with belief


Caring for Creation is full of academic jargon, but it makes an important point: Our high-consumption, unlimited-growth society is heading toward eco-crisis. How can we persuade enough people to question their lives and care for creation? To convince someone to adopt a new belief, you have to start with something that person already believes, says writer Max Oelschlaeger. Since our society is dominated by materialism, few will be receptive to a humbler outlook. But one part of our belief system can be used: the part based on religion. It is only through the churches, the author says, that significant numbers of Americans can be persuaded to adopt the changes needed to avert "ecocatastrophe." His conclusion offers both reason for hope and a clear plan of action.

Yale University Press, P.O. Box 209040, New Haven, CT 06520-9040. 296 pages, 1994. $30. "John Bliese

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