Did I mention she can cook?


Debbie Sease was a welcome face on the cover of High Country News (5/2/11).

The story didn't mention two singular aspects of her career. She and the other graying conservationists in the story have all have been extraordinary mentors for many, many others. I got to know Debbie working at the Sierra Club many years ago; Tim Mahoney, too. It is a gift to learn this humbling craft from people so patient with idealism, who are ready to lend a hand when the idealism crashes on the rocks of Congress, and who then help you forge something stronger, melding passion for place with sound strategy and pragmatism.

Debbie is also an incredible cook. Gifted in crafts of the kitchen, she makes simple ingredients magnificent. Conservation is a similar craft of building something good from raw ingredients, developed through careful and inspired practice. They say, "Don't watch your sausage or laws getting made." But Debbie has made both look quite inspiring.

Rick Johnson
Executive Director
Idaho Conservation
LeagueBoise, Idaho

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