All in not-so-good taste


This is my first time writing in to comment on an HCN story and what finally prompted me was not the contentious, passionate piece that I figured would inspire me to put fingers to keyboard. Instead, it was the slightly naughty, indulgent, but thoroughly invigorating essay about rock rolling (HCN, 5/2/11). I read the story while sitting in the sun, eating lunch at work, trying to think of every excuse not to go back in the office. It had been an arduous week and this story was so very much what I needed to revive from my dark mood. The whole silly subject of rolling boulders down mountainsides immediately brought me back to a long-forgotten incident on a crisp day in northwest Washington while working a seasonal job for the Forest Service. Our survey crew found ourselves similarly contemplating a boulder perched precariously on a mountaintop, and I will not say that good taste or a sense of responsibility prevailed that day, either. Thank you for evoking fond memories as well as the spirit of Ed Abbey!

Liana Aker
Newberry Springs, California

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