Welcome, Todd; goodbye, Ellen

  • HCN's new outreach director, Todd Chamberlin.

    Shaun C. Gibson

HCN welcomes Todd Chamberlin, our new outreach director. Todd will be helping us increase our subscriber and donor base by organizing special fund-raising and marketing campaigns. Todd brings with him a wealth of business and marketing experience; for seven years, he was the director of eCommerce and Internet Development at National Geographic, where he developed and implemented the organization's first e-marketing and e-commerce strategies in the late 1990s/early 2000s.  More recent endeavors include a stint as VP of marketing and sales for AllNuEnergy, a solar energy company, and director of eMarketing/eCommerce for multiple adventure travel companies, including his personal favorite, Country Walkers.

Todd, a native of Colorado, holds a bachelor's in environmental conservation from the University of Colorado, Boulder. He likes to hang out with his partner, Corey, and their dog, Sophie, and is an avid outdoorsman, photographer and traveler. In fact, after leaving National Geographic, he did what everyone thinks you do when you work at National Geographic -- he spent over two years volunteering and traveling the globe.

HCN staff is saying bon voyage to one of our subscriber services staffers, Ellen Kraus, who is leaving us to travel abroad. Although she says she'll miss HCN and all the great people who work here, Ellen is excited about traveling in Greece, Austria, Germany and Switzerland with two of her sisters and soaking up the local culture abroad. For the last two years, Ellen has been answering your subscription questions when you call in and sending you renewal reminders. Her cheery personality and great homemade snacks will be missed.

In early March, two HCN enthusiasts from Jackson, Wyo., stopped by on their way to Austin, Texas, for the South by Southwest film and music conference. Katherine Pioli is a freelance journalist and a seasonal Forest Service employee, and Benjamin Bombard works on staff at the Jackson Hole Weekly. He's been with the paper since last July; formerly, he wrote in Salt Lake City for Catalyst Magazine and City Weekly. We always enjoy the chance to talk shop with other indie journalists.

Former HCN intern Tara Waters Lumpkin (Spring '88) launched the online magazine Izilwane last fall. Her nonprofit, run by a group of dedicated volunteers, promotes biodiversity conservation. Tara has a Ph.D. in anthropology, so it's not surprising that her organization's approach is based on understanding how humans fit into the global ecosystem.

Izilwane (the name means "animals" in Zulu) has recently published articles on some interesting topics: "the Sixth Great Extinction, wolf reintroduction in Idaho, the return of the Aplomado falcon to New Mexico, and how the Youth Conservation Corps programs inspire young people to care about nature." The site, www.izilwane.org, also features photo galleries and interviews.

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