Scapegoating Sarah


Folks like to bash Sarah Palin because she is well-known and an easy target, but predator control was going on in Alaska way before Sarah became governor (HCN, 2/21/11).

As the chairman of the Alaska Board of Game, I would like people to realize that predator control in Alaska is driven by state statutes that require action by the Board of Game when certain parameters are reached; that Department of Fish and Game staff develop a plan in each case based on the best science available and with well-defined goals; and that only a small portion of Alaska's land mass is undergoing predator control.

The main purpose of predator reduction is to assure a sustainable harvest to provide food for Alaskans that depend on these animals. While there are a lot of emotional issues involved, we do try to sort them out and base our actions on facts and science.

Cliff Judkins
Wasilla, Alaska