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And now, a message from our sponsors ...


In this issue, along with our regular ad pages, you will find the holiday Green Gift Guide. We owe a huge debt of gratitude to all of our generous advertising sponsors for their support. It takes readers like you and sponsors like them to make HCN's work possible. Please help us thank them by supporting their endeavors or using their services this holiday season (and throughout the year).

As many of you know, the financially troubled U.S. Postal Service is reorganizing to save itself. Mail-sorting facilities across the country are closing, delaying delivery -- our Oct. 17 issue took 21 days to reach some readers. New automatic sorting machines have also damaged some magazines. Please be patient as we work with the USPS to get HCN to you on time. And if yours arrives mangled, call our friendly circulation staff at 1-800-905-1155; we'll send a replacement right away.

Former HCN contributing editor Becca Clarren and husband Greg Esmer of Portland, Ore., just welcomed their first child, Jude Lazlo, who arrived on Sept. 23, 21 inches long and 9 pounds 2 ounces.  Congrats to the happy parents!

In October, subscribers Erica Zurek and Andrew Connor from Bellingham, Wash., popped into our Paonia headquarters while wandering around Colorado. After all that time on the "wet side" of the Cascades, their squinty-eyed smiles dazzled us in the Rocky Mountain sunshine, and they seemed a bit reluctant to be heading home. Y'all come dry out any time!

Former intern Zach Smith (summer '04) was in town to speak at a water-rights workshop. After his HCN internship, he got a law degree at the University of Denver Sturm College of Law. Now he's a staff attorney for the Denver-based nonprofit Colorado Water Trust, which works to preserve instream flows in the state's rivers and streams.

Our Nov. 14 feature story on captive wolves was unintentionally a cliffhanger: The last line was accidentally dropped in the production process. "Possessing the Wild" should have ended: "And I've also learned that with canines, there is a simple credo: If you love dogs, you keep them close. But if you love wolves, you leave them wild."

Omitted for space reasons were the dates when the story's writer, Ceiridwen Terrill, visited the captive-wolf operations she discusses: the Colorado Wolf & Wildlife Center in 2007 and 2009; Mission: Wolf in 2007 and 2009; WERC in 2008, 2010 and 2011; Wolf Haven in 2005, 2007, 2009 and 2011; Wolf People in 2006 and 2011; Wolfwood Refuge & Adoption Center in 2008; and Eagle Tail Mountain Wolf Sanctuary in 2008.

In the same issue, "The Forgotten Grizzlies" referred to "the only photo of a Washington grizzly in perhaps half a century." It should have read, "the only known photos of a living grizzly in the (Cascade) range in perhaps half a century." The story also mentioned North Cascades National Park as being northwest of Seattle; we meant to say "northeast." HCN regrets the errors.

--Jodi Peterson for the staff