The world according to Disney


In recent reporting about the 2010 census, the government and media deliberately deceived the public about the U.S. population explosion. Sadly, "California Dreamin' " studiously ignored the same population elephant in the room (HCN, 12/20/10).

Growth in the U.S. is at its slowest in decades, the government asserted with a straight face. While the nation's growth has slowed slightly, we're still the third most populated nation, behind only China and India. We're the fourth fastest-growing, with immigration at five times historical norms and a birth rate that in 2007 exceeded the peak of the baby boom.

Reporting on the California water crisis, HCN ignored that the state -- with a growth rate hovering at 4 to 5 percent a year -- has been the fastest-growing "nation" in the world in recent years. To assert that any long-term solution to the water crisis can be crafted without slowing growth is outrageous.

Your ongoing dodging of population's part in environmental problems compromises your credibility, misleads readers, and is an example of "Disney's First Law": Wishing will make it so.

Kathleene Parker
Rio Rancho, New Mexico

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