The latest: NPS' Teresa Chambers

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Seven years ago, U.S. Park Police Chief Teresa Chambers told the press that the Park Police budget would come up $12 million short in 2004, possibly endangering public safety (HCN, 8/16/04, "Park police chief canned for candidness"). Within days she was put on administrative leave, and six months later she was fired. Chambers immediately appealed the decision.

In mid-January, a federal review board finally determined that Chambers had been wrongly fired.  All charges against her -- including failure to follow orders and making public remarks about federal security -- were dismissed, and she will now return to her former job with back pay. Her lawyer, Paula Dinerstein of the advocacy group Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility, told the Washington Post that the decision was "a wonderful ruling, not only for Chief Chambers but for thousands who believe that honesty is part of public service."

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