Living in a world of hurt


I've been aware of fracking for many years (HCN, 6/27/11). But until the relatively recent controversy over its effect on well water in Pavillion, Wyo., I was less informed than I should have been. Development of any energy source has consequences. Rampant development of fossil fuels puts regulators way behind in preventing environmental catastrophes, and leaves people like Louis Meeks in a world of hurt. Thanks to the Bush administration and its evisceration of the agencies that could've been proactive in properly regulating drilling, all of us in this region where gas drilling is running amok are very vulnerable. The increased attention that articles like "Hydrofracked?" focus on this environmental-disaster-in-the-making is of the utmost importance if we are to have any chance of not totally destroying our water supplies.

Jeff Wise
Red Lodge, Montana

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