Fancy a drink?


Thank you for publishing Abrahm Lustgarten's important article about Louis Meeks and his damaged water well (HCN, 6/27/11). Mr. Meeks is clearly a hero in the 21st century American West. EnCana Corporation once prided itself on utilizing "best practices" in the production of gas wells. So I was encouraged when EnCana spokesman Randy Teeuwen spoke up at the 2009 EPA public meeting in Pavilion, Wyo., to state: "We are as concerned as you are, and we want to find the source of these compounds, too." I believe EnCana, but I'll believe them even more when they make public the witches' brew of chemicals they've been injecting into thousands of wells on public and private land.

In the meantime, because gas companies insist that fracking fluids are harmless, I hope Mr. Meeks bottles up some of his pure Wyoming well water and sends it to EnCana's Denver offices, so the company's staff can drink and enjoy it, too.

Andrew Gulliford
Durango, Colorado

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