Can YOU carry a concealed weapon in Wyoming? A guide


When President Obama took office, state lawmakers started loosening firearms restrictions, fearing the administration would try to toughen gun laws. It hasn't, but states continue to relax their own. On July 1, Wyoming became one of four states to allow residents to carry concealed weapons without a permit. (Arizona, Alaska and Vermont are the others.) Montana passed a law allowing residents without permits to conceal and carry within town and city limits -- it's already legal outside of town -- but Gov. Brian Schweitzer vetoed it. The Utah and Colorado legislatures also tried but failed to ease concealed-carry permit requirements this year. Opponents worried that slackened laws would send the message that anyone can carry a concealed weapon without a permit, although eligibility rules are pretty stringent. So while Wyoming's law is now less restrictive, there are still many limits on whether you can tuck a Colt .45 into your purse to stroll through the Cheyenne mall.

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