Taking aim at the Forest Service

  Somebody in Nevada doesn't like Toiyabe Forest Ranger Guy Pence, and to show it they've bombed both his office (HCN, 4/17/95) and a van parked at his Carson City home; the latter attack occurred Aug. 4.

Sen. Harry Reid, D-Nev., blames the attacks on "the ugly underbelly of the county supremacy movement in Nevada." When asked why someone might be out to get a forest ranger, a calm Pence's only reply was "I do my job," according to the Associated Press.

The Toiyabe and the Carson ranger districts are known as hard-liners on regulating grazing, drawing controversy over livestock impoundments on the forest. Ranger Pence was on a horseback trip at the time of the explosion, but his wife and three children were in the house. "They're fine, other than being shaken up," says sheriff's deputy Jerry Mather.

In another anti-agency action, two women in southern Oregon assaulted a female Forest Service worker who was cleaning up a roadside rest area. The attackers appeared to have been drinking, reports The Oregonian. The seasonal employee of the Winema National Forest near Klamath Falls, Ore., received bruises to the face and ribs but returned to work the next day. Winema Forest spokesman Frank Erickson says the attack is uncharacteristic of southern Oregon: "This is not a place where people are afraid to wear Forest Service uniforms."

*Shea Andersen

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