For guilt-free wilderness trips


Note: This article is a sidebar to this issue's feature story, I came, I saw, I wrote a guidebook.

For guilt-free wilderness trips

Leave No Trace, Inc., is a new nonprofit group that provides information about "light on the land" backcountry skills (HCN, 6/12/95). Contact the group at P.O. Box 997, Boulder, CO 80306 (303/442-8222).

The Sierra Club offers service trips to restore wilderness areas and tours to train activists. For more information, contact John DeCock at 415/923-5522. The Sierra Club also compiles an annual internal report called Fragile, Overused or Politically Sensitive Lands (FOPS) based on information from its field offices. Call Cathy Benton, also at 415/923-5522.

Groups like the National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS) and Outward Bound offer wilderness training courses. Contact NOLS at 228 Main St., Lander, WY 82520 (307/332-8800) and Outward Bound at 945 Pennsylvania St., Denver, CO 80203-3198 (800-477-2627).

Tread Lightly is a Forest Service/BLM program that educates off-road motor vehicle users. Call 800/966-9900.

The International Mountain Bicycling Association offers lists of places to bike without harming the environment, plus six rules of the trail. For more information contact IMBA, P.O. Box 7578, Boulder, CO 80306 (303/545-9011).

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