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Below are some of the comments you sent us on the most recent reader survey. Thanks for taking the time to let us know what you think. We've been reading all your survey responses, and thinking about how we can keep HCN on your "essential reading" list.


I have learned more from HCN about the West than from any mainstream source.

Reading HCN is like finding an old friend. Unlimited subjects to think and talk about.

I just "tested" out your journal a year ago. I have found what appears to be well-researched "fair" discussion of issues.

My only complaint about HCN is that it's too thin.

You are the newspaper with the small town feeling but with a global perspective.

I think HCN is much better than it used to be since it broadened its scope to include social and cultural issues as well as environmental.

Please stick to what you have done so well for 40 years and cease this disturbing trend to cover social justice/welfare/diversity issues.

HCN blows some valuable dollars on color and snazzy format, as though its board thinks the easily bored yuppie readers need enticement.

As a longtime liberal, I thank you for not reinforcing my automatic responses to controversial issues such as growth and development, hunting and immigration. Your writers challenge, irk, even upset me.

I really thought that this magazine was going to be stories about nature and wildlife with helpful hints to attract and enjoy them. This is way too political and data-oriented. I'm not enjoying it at all.

Your paper is the ultimate in providing fair and complete information on all things concerning conservation.

Fresh, on the edge, progressive, balanced, smart, humorous and on-point … no, not me … YOU!

You do not speak for my views in many areas. It really is about the economy and personal freedom. Only the lawyers win most battles.

The only irritating "issue" we have with HCN's articles are when they take on a political "side." HCN has such a broad spectrum of readers (left and right) it would be best not to offend either side, especially when you seek monetary donations.

More gratuitous nudity and free beer, please. Oh, and keep everyone's feet to the fire regarding nuclear waste.

Your magazine reminds me of 60 Minutes on TV -- coming out with the latest stuff not known to the average person.

HCN keeps me informed about the social, environmental and cultural changes that continue to impact the Western U.S.

Could do with less of the fluffy "human interest" stuff.

Your Eastern coverage boundary is political, not cultural or biological. Please add West River, South Dakota, North Dakota, and even the Sand Hills of Nebraska to your coverage.

I live in the West -- the Canadian West. Let's see some Alberta news once in a while.

Please don't turn into snowboarder/leisure class types. Lately I am worrying about that.

I enjoy reading each issue when it comes -- but it comes so often! How about fewer issues, and maybe some of those a little "thicker"?

Keep the major articles less opinionated. I read you for an education, I can form my own opinion.

Remember that indie news does not have to present "both sides" if one side is 99.99 percent of the consensus and the other .01 percent are loons, moon gas sniffers or paid hacks.

I enjoy your paper and dedication but am, at times, embarrassed about the lack of known science in some of your articles.

One of your stories made several generalizations about the residents of an RV park saying they are "Republican and overweight." It's these types of generalizations that will keep your readership from expanding.

I really value that HCN's reporting and story choice does not break along traditional progressive/conservative lines, but gives me a good overview of issues.

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