An immigrant is not an immigrant is not an immigrant


Your story on kids who are in the country illegally points out the need for serious reform of our immigration laws (HCN, 8/16/10). I would support a change to citizenship requirements for babies born here, agreeing that the child be granted citizenship only if one of the parents already has it, if for no other reason than to address the "mixed family" circumstances it now enables. I do not support another round of amnesty without fundamental changes; otherwise we can expect a never-ending cycle of amnesty every 25 years or so. The author brings up the often-used argument that unless you are a Native American, you are an immigrant, too, which I guess means that an immigrant is an immigrant is an immigrant. We are also a nation that functions under the rule of law. Illegal immigrants are lawbreakers. The fact that it was the mothers who made these kids illegal doesn't change that, fair or not. To that end, I commend Chih for his decision, as tough as it's going to be. I am confident his will be an amazing life story.

Cate Houdek
Dillon, Colorado

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