The upside of apathy


I realize that probably over 90 percent of Americans have this affliction called nature illiteracy and I think that it is just because they do not “connect.” They are busy power walking, driving at top speed in their isolation chambers, or roaring along in the dust of an ATV or even sliding over the snow. They do not see the tracks, scats, or hear the bird chirps. They do not see the mosses nor the flowers. They certainly do not see the little flutter of insects. Nor do they care. As Donald R. Nelson says in his essay (HCN, 6/7/10), it is fine with him that he does not know about what else is there. In truth, I am sorry that so many people are this way because I believe I see some of this disregard when I hear about the terrible oil spill in the Gulf. But in another way, I am glad that thousands of people are staying at casinos, restaurants, shopping malls, etc. That means fewer are trampling and beating the wildlands to death. Fewer are scaring birds from their nests. Fewer are wreaking havoc on the deserts and forests.

Marilyn Colyer
Mancos, Colorado

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