The wealthy shouldn't whine


In regards to the article "Health studies gas up," I am frustrated at Ms. Waldholz's lack of perspective (HCN, 6/21/10).

While I agree wholeheartedly with all the measures to safeguard the public health and the health of the environment discussed in this article, I can't help getting upset by who is doing the complaining: wealthy whites living in a subdivision. If you're going to preach about the environmental health impacts of development, your words bear more weight if they aren't spoken from yet another sprawling subdivision with a golf course. How many square feet is the average home? What is the average fuel economy of the vehicles the homeowners drive? How much are the HOA dues? How many hours do they spend whacking that stupid white ball around? I'll bet a lot of fossil fuel was and continues to be burned for their lifestyle.

Perhaps I'm being presumptive. Perhaps these are modest homes and the golf course is open to the public with reasonable greens fees. Maybe they carpool to the grocery store. Or perhaps their beef is more with the developer and real estate agent who sold them homes near pre-approved drilling sites and not with Antero or the regulations surrounding drilling (which undoubtedly need much improvement).

I guess the squeaky wheel gets the grease, and no one squeaks like wealthy Americans. Or perhaps they are just listened to better by government. Talk about the opposite of your "Green Justice" series.

Lucas Hill
Groveland, California

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