Wait 'til you read the one about Sean Hannity


Although Jonathan Thompson's politics and mine are identical, I think that he does our cause a disservice by injecting ad hominem throwaway lines that detract from his excellent points. In the Dec. 7 editor's note, he simply does not need the cracks about John McCain or Sarah Palin. For better or worse, McCain is doing only what that great deliberative body, the United States Senate, permits in its rules. As for Palin, if we liberals have the discipline to hold our fire, she will either self-destruct or simply fade away.

An interesting contrast appears on the opposite page. Ray Ring's observations about Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh are not throwaway lines but virtual statements of fact, powerful because they are appropriate and substantive.

Please don't give our critics grist for their mills. Make them invent and synthesize their own arguments.

Dick Shohet
Carlisle, Massachusetts

Dick's letter
Bill Croke
Bill Croke
Jan 31, 2010 09:34 PM
 Dick, It's my experience that Ray Ring's vitriol against conservatives towers over Jonathan Thompson's carelessly strewn about sophomoric one liners. Ring's multi-page hatchet jobs are legendary. The Mormon Church, all Western Republicans,et al. Not to mention Limbaugh, Beck, and other purveyors of "hate". Ring won a Polk Award,named after George Polk, who spied for the Soviets when he was a CBS correspondent in Europe in the '40s-'50s. So we all know Ray.