Thanks for the memories


As one of the original members of the Mexican Wolf Coalition, I read with amusement Kieran Suckling's self-serving statements about the circumstances leading up to the Mexican gray wolf being released back into the wild (HCN, 12/21/09 & 1/4/10).

I have a different recollection. Indeed, some members of the Mexican Wolf Coalition were more cautious as we moved forward to reintroduction, but we were a democratic and grassroots coalition and, in the end, we were also a part of the lawsuit that was filed against the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (as were other environmental groups). We provided monetary support to the lawsuit and volunteers to continue the decades-long battle to have the wolves reintroduced. We also built the foundation for support from the citizens of New Mexico and Arizona to apply pressure on the political front for demanding wolves be reintroduced. We had one member who single-handedly gathered 27,000 signatures to show support for reintroduction. Kieran doesn't remember all the years of building the movement because, well, he wasn't there.

Julie Kutz
Albuquerque, New Mexico

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