Broads say: Take a hike


Great Old Broads for Wilderness will head for the hills this fall to rally support for Utah wilderness. From Sept. 17 through Oct. 14, the group with the great name will schedule day hikes for supporters of America's Redrock Wilderness Act. The Act would protect 5.7 million acres of land managed by the Bureau of Land Management. Utah's congressional delegation is pushing legislation that would designate only l.8 million acres (HCN, 3/20/95). "We want this Broadwalk to be a celebration of all that wilderness provides to us," says Susan Tixier, co-founder and president of the nonprofit Great Old Broads. "We do not want it to be a funeral march." The Broadwalk will end in St. George, Utah, on Oct. l3, coinciding with the opening of the Fifth Annual Wilderness Conference in St. George. The event is open to anyone, for, as Tixier says, "Broadness is a state of mind." For more information about the Broadwalk and Great Old Broads for Wilderness, write or call Great Old Broads, P.O. Box 4921, Missoula, MT 59806 (406/251-2679).

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