Sharp edge of the West

  • Lynette Russell in front of a billboard poses for magazine

    Jon Dodson

Jumping into the swim of the alternative press is Edging West, a new bimonthly magazine based in Logan, Utah. Editor and publisher Andrew Giarelli says his target audience includes Westerners from their 20s to their 50s who are "maybe a little irreverent." The 40- to 50-page magazine covers movie, book and music reviews as well as newsy items about the West's population boom. The June/July issue features a vacation guide to "Summer Hot Spots' that highlights open-pit mines and nuclear test sites: "Just make sure you pack your dosimeters and portable high pressure showers." Giarelli says he hopes to attract a diverse audience. "Our readers live out here. They rope calves in Paris, Idaho, and they haunt after-hours dives in Seattle." Subscriptions are $8 for six issues from Edging West, P.O. Box 255, Logan, UT 84323 (801/753-7266).

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