Gimme wheels


It's about time someone talked about how the snowmobile issue in Yellowstone National Park has been defined by two opponents that don't really represent the public at large (HCN, 4/27/09). Fall and winter travel is mostly regional, a large group of people who truly love the park and visit often. Over-snow travel has effectively locked this group out of the park, as well as most of the public, not with closed gates but with a barrier of the worst kind, money. Yellowstone in winter has become a wealthy person's adventure travel opportunity. The snowmobile nightmare of the mid-'90s is thankfully gone, but snow coaches are not the answer in this day of higher fuel costs and worries over carbon emissions. For a family of four to visit Yellowstone on a coach is $400 a day on the cheap end. Neither the Greater Yellowstone Coalition nor the snowmobile lobby represents me -- let me drive, or tell me where I can get on the bus.

Doug Edgerton
West Yellowstone, Montana

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