"Swimming in circles"


While Emily Underwood did an admirable job writing "The Lost Art of Listening," there are two comments that are problematic (HCN, 11/23/09). Underwood wrote "... he has been consistently frustrated by what he considers teachers' and administrators' failure to implement his methods for teaching Arapaho" and "Greymorning is convinced that the problem lies in teachers' failure to implement his curriculum." Neither statement is representative of anything I said or conviction I have ever communicated. As a full professor at the University of Montana, I have given over 100 talks and workshops, have published six articles on language revitalization, and a book on the politics of culture, language and identity with McGraw-Hill Press. My experiences spread across 25 years of writing and working alongside teachers, administrators and educators in the field of language revitalization, globally. Nowhere within any interview or article have I ever implied or wrote that teachers have failed because they are not using a method I developed. What I have consistently communicated over the years is that ASLA(c)TM (Accelerated Second Language Acquisition) offers language teachers a fighting chance to save their languages where other efforts have had little or no success. For more information, see www.nsilc.org.   

Dr. S. Neyooxet Greymorning
Missoula, Montana

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