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Know the West

For the love of forests


In response to Ray Ring's article about the roadless rule, as for the money put into the effort to establish the rule, is this not the pot calling the kettle black (HCN, 11/9/09)? Is there some reason why environmentalists and the left should be too pure to use philanthropic funding and lobbying? Sadly, to my mind, this is how our nation does its "democracy." Nevertheless, I didn't see motivated loggers putting their lives on the line like those activists in the old-growth forests of the Northwest. Does Ray Ring think money from the Pew Foundation motivated them? Does anyone really think that a million people will send cards to the Forest Service just because they were asked to? Is it not possible that there are far more people who love and use the forests than there are loggers who cut them for jobs and profit?

Bill Thomas
Conservation Chair, Pisgah Group, North Carolina Sierra Club
Cedar Mountain, North Carolina