Changing of the guard

  • Felix Magowan

  • Dan Luecke


We'd like to recognize the dedication and vision of two long-time board members who recently decided to step down. Both hail from Boulder, Colo. Felix Magowan, who joined in 2001, brought substantial publishing and financial expertise to High Country News; he was the founder of Inside Communications, which published Velo News and other outdoor titles until the company was bought out last year. Among many other contributions, Felix encouraged HCN to adopt the more modern color magazine format you now hold in your hands.

Dan Luecke's service to HCN has spanned two decades. An expert in water policy, Dan helped educate a long string of editors and interns on the intricacies of water allocation, endangered species and land use. At board meetings, he displayed the rare ability to take the many opinions and ideas expressed by staff and board members and synthesize them into a coherent, pithy statement, often with a deft touch of humor. We will miss them both.

In August, Marty and Jerry Borgelt of Prescott, Ariz., came by our Paonia office on their way home from a family reunion in Kansas. Marty's on the board of directors of the "world's oldest rodeo."
Some after-hours visitors left us notes: Paul and Tomi Moreno of Yuma, Ariz., wrote, "Thank you for the Aug. 17 issue (on western Colorado wineries). We visited them and made several purchases." Albuquerque resident Peter Rice's note said, "Of all the rotten luck! I plan my 600 mile bike trip to stop in Paonia so I can see my favorite paper close up, and I arrive on a Sunday when everything is closed!" And Lea Bonewell and Mark Hayes of Fort Collins, Colo., wrote, "We had a great time and caught lots of bats!" No, bat-nabbing is not a typical Paonia tourist activity -- the pair are biologists and took part in a bat survey in the nearby Gunnison Gorge.

Our Oct. 26 story "Watts of water" included a map that incorrectly indicated the location of the pumped hydropower installation at Ludington, Mich. The dot ended up on the west side of Lake Michigan instead of the east side.

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