Put a (GMO) tiger in your tank


I read with great interest the story in the Oct. 12 edition of HCN about Monsanto's genetically engineered beets and other crops. I think that it is time to put the kibosh on Monsanto's chemical activities when it comes to our food products. We need to get the U.S. Department of Agriculture to declare genetically engineered sugar beets, canola, corn and soybeans unfit for human food consumption. Then, in the same policy decision, have USDA require that these GMO crops from Monsanto or any other company to be converted to ethanol fuels or other bio-fuel products. If some farmers are locked into the Monsanto crops, they would still have a market for them as a renewable fuel crop. In other words, let's get these unhealthy crops off the food market and into our fuel tanks.
Randy Fricke
New Castle, Colorado

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