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Ring's Reid grab


I was dismayed at the meanness and lack of balance displayed in the article entitled "The same old Sen. Reid" (HCN, 8/3/09). If it were not for the hard work of Harry Reid, we would not have the passage by Congress of the Omnibus Bill, Great Basin National Park, removal of lead from the drinking fountains in our schools, health care for our children, safe drinking water in all communities, and the preservation of the Endangered Species Act from vicious attacks. Contrary to the implications of the article, Reid has been endorsed by the Sierra Club, rated highly by the League of Conservation Voters, and supported by many Nevada environmental organizations including Friends of Nevada Wilderness and the Nevada Wilderness Project. 

He has taken the lead on the battle against global warming with his opposition to new dirty coal plants, his strong support for alternative energy and energy conservation, and his efforts to achieve fuel economy standards for automobiles and trucks. He has led the fight against dumping high-level radioactive waste at Yucca Mountain. Unlike many members of Congress, Sen. Reid personifies "family values" in both his beliefs and conduct.

Many of us conservationists will be working for his re-election in 2010 because of his strong commitment to the values that Nevada and the United States care about and his ability to achieve these goals. 

Marjorie Sill
Reno, Nevada